Acme Industrial Adds Website Featuring Threaded Inserts

Acme Industrial Co., Carpentersville, Ill., a subsidiary of Jergens, Inc., has launched a new website featuring key locking inserts. These threaded insert products are used extensively in original equipment where a high degree of pull-out and torque-out strength is needed. Additionally, thread repair inserts can be used to quickly repair striped, damaged, or worn out threads with new stronger threads.

Acme threaded inserts are easy to install and remove. No special drills, taps, or pre-winder tools are required. The insert’s keys are driven down into the threads of the surrounding base material, locking the insert into place and providing a secure mechanical lock against rotation.

Threaded insert are available in industrial and MS/NAS insert styles in a full range of inch and metric sizes, in coarse or fine pitch threads. Lightweight, heavy duty and extra heavy duty types, with non-locking or self-locking internal threads are available.


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