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AGC Supports California Emissions Rule Delay

The Associated General Contractors of America, Arlington, Va., said last week that the California decision to delay emissions rules is welcome news in the current economy. "California's decision to modify a rule that would have forced builders to replace or retrofit most of the construction equipment currently in use is welcome news for the over 185,000 construction workers that have lost their jobs over the past two years throughout the state,” said Stephen Sandherr, CEO of the AGC. “That is because the well-intended rule would have forced thousands of small business owners to spend billions replacing equipment instead of putting men and women back to work."

"Today's tough economic conditions have already contributed to dramatic reductions in construction-related diesel emissions. Construction companies are burning 27 percent less diesel than they did in 2004, while operators of heavy equipment are working almost one-third fewer hours than they did in 2007. The state's construction industry is $22 billion smaller than when regulators first issued their rule. Imposing this rule at a time when the economy has already achieved a significant reduction in emissions would have needlessly punished workers and small business owners across the state without achieving substantial environmental benefits."


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