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Airtow Rolls Out New 2,000-lb.-Capacity Trailer | Construction News

Airtow Trailers' new RS8-20 trailer has a small footprint and 2,000-lb. capacity that make it ideal for carrying smaller scissor lifts or lighter equipment.

According to Airtow, the RS8-20's low price is inducing many equipment companies to add an RS8-20 trailer to each of their pieces of equipment.

The RS8-20's trailer deck remains level as it is raised or lowered using an  easy-crank hand winch. The 8'6"-long, 4'6" wide deck rests flat on the ground for loading and unloading, eliminating the need for a ramp and making loading easier.

Whether the trailer's loaded or empty, the axle-less rubber suspension with a progressive spring rate gives a quieter and smoother ride than do conventional leaf springs.

The trailer is powder coated in standard royal blue and has removable 2”x6” pine deck planks.

The RS8-20 joins more than 20 other Airtow models in lengths to 16 ft., capacities to 12,000 lbs., and flatbed, utility, dump, enclosed, and gooseneck configurations.


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