Airtrax to Launch Cobra Scissor Lift Line at ARA

Next month at The Rental Show, Airtrax, Inc., Blackwood, N.J., will introduce its King Cobra scissor lift and two of four models in its Cobra scissor lift product line, which all feature its patented omni-directional technology for maneuvering in tight spaces and precise positioning. All machines are electric battery-powered and available with standard or AGM batteries.

The 33-foot-tall, 68-inch-wide King Cobra Model ATX-3368 is primarily intended for the aerospace and aviation ground support markets, while the two additional Cobra models • tentatively identified as the 32-foot-tall, 47-inch-wide ATX-3247 and 19-foot-tall, 33-inch-wide ATX-1933 • are designed for work in warehouse or industrial environments on sealed, medium-strength concrete floors or metal decks. According to Airtrax, it will be accepting orders for the ATX-3247 at the show. Purchasing orders for other units will be available as their respective production schedules are solidified later in the year.

This week, the company also announced it has signed a dealer agreement with H&E Equipment Services, making it the exclusive dealer for Airtrax's Sidewinder ATX-3000 omni-directional lift trucks in nine central and western states. Under the terms of the agreement, H&E will sell, rent, and service the Sidewinder ATX-3000 at 20 locations in California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, Wyoming, Idaho, Montana, Colorado, and Louisiana. A few of these locations have been conducting product demonstrations of the omni-directional forklift to companies, such as MGM Mirage, Applied Technologies, Boeing, and Paramount Studios, which has provided H&E with feedback on the ATX-3000's viability and also resulted in a sale.

"H&E has been thorough in its evaluation of the marketplace, and we are pleased with its decision to add Airtrax products to the roster of brands that it currently represents,” said Peter Greenwood, vice president of sales at Airtrax. “Establishing this relationship is another critical step in the execution of our ongoing plan to bring a variety of omni-directional vehicles to the global marketplace. Having an exceptional partner like H&E on-board to provide the needed sales and service functions will enable us to move ahead quickly with the next steps in our strategic plan.”

Greenwood added that Airtrax expects its agreement will extend to the COBRA line of aerial work platforms as soon as they are made available, and that H&E also will likely distribute its omni-directional scissor lifts from all its locations.

Cobra's Omni-Directional Details

Similar to Airtrax's Sidewinder forklifts, the Cobra scissor lifts use omni-directional technology to move forward, backward, and sideways, allowing for maneuverability in tight spaces and an increase in productivity because less time is spent backing up to complete turns. Instead, the operator moves sideways or rotates into the desired position.

The scissor lifts are operated via a single joystick that controls all traction functions of the Cobra, plus the emergency brake and horn. The operator pushes the joystick in the direction of travel. The further he pushes, the faster it will go (up to 3.8 mph with the platform lowered). When the lift mode button is pressed, the same joystick handles the hydraulic lift and lowering of the platform.

In the lowered position, the Cobra models can climb out of potholes and over obstacles in its way. The center spoke wheel design is also good at shedding debris.

According to Airtrax, the omni-directional wheels should never have to be replaced. The individual rollers that show cuts, chunking, cracking, cover separation, or damage can be replaced with a new roller, which is secured by a single nut for easy replacement. Airtrax currently warrants the rollers for one year or 2,000 hours (same as other parts) against excess wear on a pro rata basis, and against bearing, or seal failure. Cuts, chunking, cracking, or cover separation, which occur as a result of overloading or abuse, are not covered under the warranty, nor is operation in an environment that can adversely affect the polyurethane covering.

Additionally, the Cobra scissor lift line has been designed to reduce maintenance procedures by eliminating numerous parts in conventional lifts. For example, the transmissions and motor bearings are sealed and lubricated for life, making the entire drive units and motors virtually maintenance free.