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Alten Portable DC Battery Chargers Offer Fuel Savings

ALTEN Battery Chargers Inc., Ferndale, Wash., has been recognized as an OEM partner with Honda Inc. as it introduces the first full line of portable DC battery chargers to the North American market. Powered by Honda’s environmentally responsible, advanced four-stroke engines, Alten’s portable battery chargers can save up to four hours of time and offer up to 67 percent savings in fuel over conventional battery-charging methods.

Originally designed for the rugged Australian outback, Alten’s portable battery chargers are used in various applications, including servicing heavy industrial equipment. Unlike an AC generator paired with a slow plug-in charger, Alten battery chargers are a fast and efficient way of charging 12-, 24- and 48-volt battery configurations. They can deliver up to 120 amps per hour of run time consuming 0.4 gallons of fuel to achieve a 90 percent bulk charge on a 500 amp/hour bank of batteries in two hours. Compared to a 3,500W AC generator running at full throttle, paired with a 40-amp plug-in charger, this same charging scenario would take six hours and consume 1.2 gallons of fuel. As a result Alten’s portable battery chargers save fuel, save time, lower emissions and increase reliability.

Alten offers a range of portable DC-powered battery-charger products for the heavy industrial, off-road, marine, security, and emergency markets.


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