APEM Adds Switches to Product Line

APEM Components Inc., Haverhill, Mass., has introduced the high-performance 13000X778 Series professional grade push/pull pushbutton switches and the KL Series locking rocker switch.

The 13000X778 family of switches are suited for industrial, heavy equipment, construction, and military applications. They are sealed to IP67 and feature a double shell case for enhanced mechanical strength and electrical insulation. The positive detent action and the five-pound actuation force help to ensure reliable operation. The switch is offered with a red anodized aluminum actuator. Special colors are also available.

The 13000X778 Series comes standard with gold-plated, solid silver rivet contacts, and a matte black chromium finish for a non-reflective appearance. The switch is suitable for ultra-low level applications of 10mA at 50mV and power applications up to 4 Amps at 125VAC.

The KL Series is suited for applications in the construction equipment, transportation and agriculture markets. In some critical applications specific functions must be protected from accidental actuation. With the KL Series locking rocker switch, the end user must press the push mechanism, situated between protective frames, to activate the protected function of the rocker.

The KL series locking rocker switch is available in single and double pole models with multiple electrical functions. This switch is rated for 10A 24VDC for 10,000 cycles and at 5A 24VDC for 100,000 cycles. Gold-plated contacts are offered for low level switching, rated at 20mA 12V for 300,000 cycles.

The KL Series is available with 14 different terminal options including solder lug/quick-connect and screw terminals. It is offered in a sealed version meeting IP68 at the front panel. The switch is designed to be mounted into a 1.450" x .830” panel cutout.

Customized to fit specific applications, the KL rocker switch features custom marking and illumination with laser engraved legends. Lighting options include 6, 12 and 24VDC LEDs, available in red, green, yellow, blue, and white. Actuators and locking buttons are available in nine standard colors and custom colors can be produced for unique applications. A mating connector and wire terminations are also available to simplify installations.