ARA to Award Member Volunteers at The Rental Show | Construction News

The American Rental Association (ARA) recognizes individuals each year for outstanding service to the association and the rental industry. Here are those who will be honored at The Rental Show 2017 in Orlando, Fla.


2016 Distinguished Service Award

The Distinguished Service Award recognizes an individual who has demonstrated exemplary leadership with long-term service to the association at the national, state, provincial and local levels. This year’s recipient is Timothy Maloney, CERP, president of Canton Chair Rentals in Canton, Ohio.

Maloney has been an active member of ARA since 1979. During that time, he has attended The Rental Show nearly every year and frequently attended Events & Tents.

He has served on the ARA board of directors twice, as Region Five Director and as chair of the Party and Event Services Shared Interest Group. Maloney also served on the ARA Insurance board, including as chairman. He’s served on a variety of ARA committees, including the Events & Tents Task Force, Party Certification Task Force and Government Affairs Council.

Maloney is no stranger to ARA members, having served as a speaker and panelist at The Rental Show many times. He also is actively involved in ARA of Ohio and has served on its board of directors for many years, most recently focusing his efforts on legislative issues affecting members.

He received ARA’s Meritorious Service Award in both 1996 and 1998, plus received the ARA Region Five Person of the Year Award in 1994 and the Rental Excellence Award for

party and event in 2001.

Maloney is a Certified Event Rental Professional (CERP), is involved with ARA’s political action committee, donates to the ARA Foundation and has attended ARA’s Leadership Conference.


2016 Meritorious Service Award

The Meritorious Service Award recognizes exemplary leadership in a defined area of association service, such as through a committee, special project or service activity. This year’s recipient is the ARA of Illinois.

In 2015, ARA of Illinois decided to seek guidance on how they could pursue changes to the current state statute governing theft and theft of services. The statute included criminal penalties for theft of rental cars and library books, but not rental equipment. Although many police departments respond to thefts of equipment, association members were told to take their claims for rental fees owed to small claims court – which is expensive, time-consuming and unproductive.

ARA staff was contacted by Illinois Senate staff to help craft the bill language, which would amend the existing statute by adding specific references to construction, industrial, tools and party/special event equipment. State Senator Neil Anderson was contacted as a potential sponsor and, with the support of Minority Senate Leader Christine Rodgogno, was the first legislator to sponsor the bill. This bill did not pass.

In 2016, the bill was again taken up with support of other legislators who had been contacted by their ARA of Illinois constituents. At its annual Legislative Day, ARA of Illinois focused its efforts on encouraging both Senate and House members to support the legislation. The measure was passed in the Senate committee on May 4, with ARA of Illinois members Don Thennes of Ed’s Rental in Crystal Lake, Ill., and Bob Thomas of American Rental Center in Peoria, Ill., present to testify. It went on to pass the Senate as a whole the following day.

The measure was then referred to the House for consideration. The House Committee on the Judiciary met with very little notice on May 25, and a group of Illinois members made time to gather again to support the testimony of Thennes before the committee. The vote was initially tabled after some opposition surfaced, but was eventually passed by the committee and the House as a whole on May 29. Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner signed the measure into law on July 8.


2016 Special Service Award

The Special Service Award recognizes a rental industry supplier who has made an outstanding contribution to the association. Joel Nevens, president of Jomar Table Linens in Ontario, Calif., is this year’s recipient. The company has been an ARA associate member since 1983 and is a 34-year exhibitor at The Rental Show.

Nevens has been extremely supportive of the Events & Tents program for many years, working with ARA staff to ensure the program décor enhances the workshop experience. The company has provided the table linens used in the program’s meal room for the past several years and also has been an Events & Tents sponsor. In 2013, as a sponsor for the program, they also provided linens used for a “fabric fashion show.”

Nevens has been a speaker and moderator for Events & Tents and has served on ARA’s Exhibitor Advisory Committee, donated to the ARA Foundation and is active in ARA of California. Jomar Table Linens also supports Rental Management magazine.


2016 Outstanding Leadership Award

Recipients of the Outstanding Leadership Award have demonstrated superlative leadership at the grassroots level – state, provincial or local. This year’s recipient is Jeff Crotto, CERP, president of All About Events – Jacksonville in Jacksonville, Fla.

Crotto has been a strong supporter of ARA and an advocate for the ARA of Florida. He has served on its board of directors since 2012 and is currently president. His involvement helped the association gain recognition as ARA’s Chapter of the Year in 2014.

He was a member of ARA’s Party and Event Services Shared Interest Group in 2015 and The Rental Show Task Force in 2016, plus attended ARA’s Leadership Conference and Legislative Caucus. He also earned his Certified Event Rental Professional, CERP, designation in just three months.


2016 Regional Persons of the Year

These awards honor members in each of ARA’s 10 regions who have made outstanding contributions to the association and the rental industry on the regional, state, provincial or local levels.


Region 1: Anthony Durante, Durante Rentals, Mount Vernon, N.Y.

Region 2: Martha (Marty) Wismer, George’s Tool Rental, Hatfield, Pa.

Region 3: Jeff Lignugaris, Northside Tool Rental, Atlanta

Region 4: Charles Hewett, ABC Equipment Rental, Tulsa, Okla.

Region 5: Ian Goff, CERP, Goff Tents and Events, Nicholasville, Ky.

Region 6: Jerry Kortesmaki, London Road Rental Center, Duluth, Minn.

Region 7: Ron Nebelsick, Best Rental, Fort Collins, Colo.

Region 8: Clyde Merwin, Lewistown Rental, Lewistown, Mont.

Region 9: Robert Pedersen, A Tool Shed, Santa Cruz, Calif.

Region 10: Jill Holtsman, CERP, Hub City Display, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada


2016 President’s Image Awards

This is a business facility or store award celebrating a commitment to improving the rental industry’s professional image through a remodeling, rebuilding or renovation project.


Region 1: Connecticut Rental Center, Middletown, Conn.

Region 2: Ebb Tide Tent and Party Rentals, Queenstown, Md.

Region 3: Nickell Equipment Rental and Sales, Fayetteville, Ga.

Region 4: Oge’s Rent-All Center, Lafayette, La.

Region 5: Bob Mutton Party and Tent Rental, Fort Wayne, Ind.

Region 6: Bismarck Rentall, Bismarck, N.D.

Region 9: A Tool Shed, Santa Cruz, Calif.


The Distinguished Service, Meritorious Service, Special Service and Outstanding Leadership Awards will be presented during the Networking Lunch With ARA on Feb. 26. The Regional Persons of the Year and President’s Image Awards will be presented during the Regional Receptions on Feb. 27.