Arnco Increases Production Output of Flatproofing Liner

Arnco, South Gate, Calif., has expanded production output on its QuikGel self-sealing polyurethane liner to meet a growing demand for the product in off-road vehicle applications. According to Bob Giasson, director of marketing and OEM sales for Arnco, the company was able to increase product capacity by more than 50 percent by adding additional lining equipment.

According to Larry Carapellotti, Arnco president, QuikGel is the only flatproofing liner that provides protection from punctures up to 5/16” in diameter. It also is a lighter alternative to Arnco's extensive line of polyurethane flatproofing fill materials, and offers superior protection and true sidewall coverage to the middle of the sidewall. It has extra shoulder coverage for lateral punctures, optimized coverage in high-risk areas of the tire and maximum protection in the tread area versus the tread centerline.

In addition to its increasing usage in lawn/garden, agriculture, telehandlers, backhoes, ATV and utility vehicle applications, QuikGel has received approval from several OEM manufacturers, including Princeton Delivery Systems and Cargo Tech for truck-mounted forklifts; and Gehl, Mustang, Case and New Holland for skid steers.

The liner, first introduced in 2005, was successfully tested for speeds up to 90 mph, passing Department of Transportation speed and endurance requirements, and is being used in tires for over-the-road pickup trucks at various industrial locations in the United States.

The self-sealing polyurethane gel membrane provides constant protection against small punctures, is sufficiently lightweight to allow the tire and vehicle to perform as designed; is centrifugally cast balanced to ensure a smooth ride, and is re-treadable.


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