Arnco's ecofil Tire Shows Company's Green Mission

South Gate, Calif.-based Arnco, a supplier of flatproofing products for off-road vehicles, has taken a step to reduce dependence on oil by introducing a flatproofing fill material that uses renewable and environmentally based components and consumes 50 percent less petrochemicals in the production process.

The announcement was made by Larry Carapellotti, Arnco president, who said new ecofil� tire flatproofing is as effective in performance as any existing polyurethane fill. He said it cuts costs and illustrates the company's commitment to a greener planet.

Carapellotti pointed out that Arnco is committed to providing products that perform as well as or better than conventional products and that are safe and environmentally responsible. “For years we have been dependent on petrochemicals as a major component of our patented polyurethane technology, and for years we have been trying to end that dependency,” he said. “Now we have taken the first step.”

In addition to its energy-saving and ecological benefits, the ecofil product line pumps at higher speeds than conventional fill materials. A 13.00-24NHS tire can be filled in less than 10 minutes and can be pumped using conventional equipment. There is no special valve hardware required and no expensive lease or high maintenance costs. The new material features 100-percent virgin polymer that is not extended with granulated urethane fillers or rubber dust. It works with tube-type or tubeless tires, will not support combustion, has low odor, and is designed to handle arduous applications. The ecofil product line is safer to use than standard flatproofing materials, the company said.

“Patents have been applied for and field and independent laboratory testing have been successfully completed on this technology that will have a major impact on both tire dealers and original equipment manufacturers,” Carapellotti said. “Because of the lower cost and the fact that this product is more eco-friendly, we also expect the demand for flatproofing to increase further once this product fully enters the marketplace.”

Arnco is producing ecofil in different formulations for specific applications • similar to its existing line of products. The ecofil formulation compares to the company's RePneu II product, which is the most popular all-purpose solution for operators of heavy construction and earth moving equipment who cannot afford costly downtime caused by flat tires. It has a “softness” of 28 (Shore-A durometer), offers medium tire deflection, improved tensile and tear strength, and is ideal for mining, telehandlers, aerial work platforms and ground support applications.

Arnco has also introduced ecoflex�, with a softness of 15 (durometer), which compares with Arnco's SuperFlex� • a unique product to use where ride, footprint and floatation are needed. A tire filled with ecoflex will function similarly to an air-filled tire, is more heat resistant and is ideal for most hazardous operations. New ecoflex is perfect for skid steers, personnel carriers, AG tires, ATV, mowing sweepers, grader tires, ditchers and trenchers.

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