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Badger Equipment Partners with Associated Training Services to Train the New Crane Operators | Construction News

Since September, Badger Equipment and Associated Training Services (ATS) have partnered to provide new crane operators with hands-on experience, operating a Badger CD4415 rough terrain crane at the ATS operator school in Sun Prairie, Wisc. Most ATS students are using the new Badger CD4415 to complete their practical exams for NCCCO certification.

ATS graduate Adam Waller said, “It’s easy to operate! All the controls do exactly what you want them to do. Plus, the digital display tells me the angles, distance and radius all at eye level – it’s a thousand times easier than trying to look at the boom.”
 The Badger CD4415 Rough Terrain Crane is just over 11 ft. tall with a 15-ton  rating at a 10-ft.working radius. Maximum boom length is 62.5 ft.  and maximum tip height is 85.5 ft. The crane features four-wheel drive and four-wheel steering, multiple boom configurations, an ergonomically engineered two-door cab with joystick controls and removable outriggers.

“Part of the reason I think the CD4415 is so appealing and intuitive for our new operators is because of the high tech controls and displays. The CD4415 is operated with joysticks, like a video game," said John Klabacka, ATS owner and president.
Badger Director of Sales, T.A. Lee says of the new partnership, “We’re very happy to get some exposure and grow the relationship. In our industry we understand the need to have qualified operators, so we’re glad to support what ATS is doing.”


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