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Boom of Aerial Lift Damages Bridge

Lexington, N.C., June 2012—The boom of a truck-mounted aerial lift was torn from its mounting and damaged three bridge beams when it slammed into an overpass during highway travel.

The lift was part of a tree-care truck that was being transported on highway by a tractor-trailer truck. The load was too tall to pass under the bridge, so the boom slammed into it when the truck tried to drive beneath. The collision damaged half of the bridge’s six support beams, ripped the boom off its truck, and dumped the boom onto the pavement.

The North Carolina Dept. of Transportation says the bridge will be closed for at least two weeks to undergo evaluation and repair. No one was injured in the accident. Local police are investigating.

The bridge has reportedly been involved in several incidents with tall vehicles over the past 10 to 15 years. –


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