Bushman AvonTec Develops Coil Grab

Bushman AvonTec, Butler, Wis., has developed a coil grab for handling densely packed slit coils. Its customer, Coilplus-Berwick Steel, Columbus, Ohio, needed to find a way to insert and remove thin slit steel coils (down to 1 inch wide) from a storage rack. The coils are closely stacked in the rack with a narrow 1.5-inch space between them.

The hooks are adjustable in two-inch increments to handle coils of varying thickness. "The main advantage of these lifters is that the feet rotate," said Larry Wood, maintenance and safety coordinator at Coilplus. To remove a coil, the hooks are lowered with the feet parallel to the coils. Once the feet are in the coil, they are turned 90 degrees so they can lift the coil without damaging it or neighboring coils. "Since it arrived," Wood said, "the Bushman AvonTec lifter has been doing a great job."


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