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Bushman Designs Motorized Sheet Lifter for Handling 40-Foot Stacks

Milwaukee, Wisc.-based Bushman Equipment recently designed a sheet lifter and crane system for a steel and aluminum blanking company that needed to move blank stacks up to 42 feet long. In a process that previously required 16 men for hand stacking, this heavy duty motorized sheet lifter is designed to pick up stacks from a conveyor. There are 14 lifting forks on each side, spaced to clear the conveyor rollers.

The capacity of the sheet lifter is 30,000 pounds, and it can handle sheets up to 110 inches wide and stacks up to 20 inches high.

The lifter has spring-loaded flapper plates at the center fork of both lifting arms. When the flappers make contact with the sheet stack, limit switches trip and shut off leg motion.


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