CalAmp will Enter Supply-Chain Visibility Market | Construction News

CalAmp, Irvine, Calif., a leading provider of wireless products, services, and solutions, will leverage its acquisition of LoJack to enter the cold-chain and supply-chain visibility markets with CalAmp Supply Chain Integrity (SCI), an enterprise visibility solution for multinational firms to secure goods in transit, improve supply chain performance, and help meet regulatory compliance.

CalAmp SCI provides its customers in the pharmaceutical, healthcare, biotech, food, and consumer-goods industries with comprehensive supply-chain services that enable reliable, cost-effective, and safe transit of goods from manufacture through distribution to the end consumer.

Increasing regulatory requirements and competitive pressures to reduce costs and improve efficiencies are driving the need for real-time visibility of product location, availability, and condition in distribution channels.  

CalAmp addressing those needs by leveraging its expertise in telematics and its acquisition of LoJack to provide real-time information, monitoring, and alerting of critical in-transit cold chain-related movement of goods.

CalAmp SCI combines GPS and RF beacon cargo sensors and tracking devices with supply chain applications and access to its SC iOnTM Command Portal to allow customers to track and document chain of custody, physical integrity and logistics efficiency.  With real-time, web-based visibility of goods in transit, supply chain stakeholders can prevent loss, maintain compliance with business rules and regulatory requirements, and monitor environmental conditions such as temperature, light and humidity to document compliance with regulations.


For more information on CalAmp SCI solutions for the cold chain market, including cargo integrity, security and supply chain visibility services, visit CalAmp's SCI webpage at



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