Camso Rolls Out Two New Tires for Telehandlers | Construction News


Camso, formerly Camoplast Solideal, rolled out its next generation of telehandler tires, the Camso TLH 732 and the Camso TLH 753 at the ARA's The Rental Show in Atlanta from February 21 to 24.

The TLH 732 is designed for telehandlers that work mostly offroad in dirt or mud. Its tread lugs are more curved for extra stability and the lug edges are terraced for better self cleaning. It replaces existing SLG 2 tires in the Camso line.

The TLH 753 is designed for telehandlers that work mostly on hard or mixed surfaces. Its tread is not quite as deep as that on the TLH 732, but it also has terraced lug edges to help with self cleaning. Its tread is non directional, so the same tire can be mounted in any wheel position. It replaces the SLG 3 in Camso's product line.

Both the TLH 732 and TLH 753 feature improved rubber compounds, better reliability, and better durability, according to Dominic Gosselin, Camso marketing and comunications manager.

Both also feature Camso's unique "impact guard sidewall" that eliminates a common sidewall stress point.

“The development process for these telehandler tires was based on extensive customer research, scrap pile analyses and field surveys of equipment rental businesses,” says David Fleischhauer, executive director, market development – construction. “We also conducted our own scrap pile analysis where we learned that 27% of discarded tires showed significant damage to the tread or sidewall. So for enhanced sidewall protection, we developed an impact guard to deflect debris, protect sidewalls, and reduce stress cracking to minimize tire failure. On the tread surface we have applied void protectors in between the lugs to provide protection against impact damage while not sacrificing traction or debris clean-out,” he said.

Both the TLH 732 and TLH 753 are available for ordering now, and Camso is building its inventory for the April 4 official launch date.

Camso's display also featured a solid telehandler tire designed with triangular apertures to improve ride quality (the Camso TLH 792S).

Tires for other equipment displayed in Camso's exhibit included three newly launched pneumatic and solid tires for skid steer loaders, Camso CTL SD all-season tracks for compact track loaders, and MEX SD heavy-duty tracks for mini-excavators.