Capital Safety Introduces Rescue Kit

DBI-SALA, a Capital Safety brand based in Red Wing, Minn., introduces the Rollgliss Rescue Kit, a safe, reliable and practical packaged solution for the rescue of a worker suspended from height following a fall.

The system is engineered with the inexperienced user in mind, allowing workers to perform emergency rescues in a timely and efficient manner without the use of complex knots or knives. The rescuer is not put at risk and is able to perform the rescue from a remote location without the need to descend to the victim. The self-contained kit is lightweight and portable and contains all the necessary components to perform an efficient and safe rescue.

“The Rollgliss is an ideal tool for the safe rescue of a suspended and potentially injured worker after a fall,” says Emmett McGregor, training and consulting manager with Capital Safety. “It has a larger hook design that makes it easier to connect the rescue device to the suspended person. With proper training and practice, a successful rescue could be performed in less than 10 minutes.”

Available in kits with rope lengths of 33, 66 or 99 feet, the system is a key component of a comprehensive rescue plan.

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