Certified Equipment Adds 100 Orange Machine XDrive Units to its Fleet

Certified Equipment Adds 100 Orange Machine XDrive Units to its Fleet

Unlike many regions of the United States, Quebec and Ontario's multi-level housing markets continue to flourish. When new housing springs up, construction of hospitals, schools, and other multiple story projects will soon follow.

Debra Hall, operations manager for Certified Equipment Sales Services and Rental Ltd., an aerial lift and telehandler rental company with three branches in Toronto, Northern Ontario, and Montreal, Quebec, took time out of her busy ConExpo schedule to speak with Lift and Access about a significant purchase the company made—100 Orange Machine XDrive low-level access units—to meet the demands of its customers.

New multi-level developments often require machines that are compact and lightweight due to the floor-loading issues in tall structures. When several units are working on a single floor, it is imperative that the aerial lifts maintain a light footprint. Hall said Certified Equipment tested a number of units and found that "other units were not as compact or light as the Orange Machine." Additionally, Robert Parker of Orange Machine said the machines were recently certified for the Canadian market. "Without the help of Certified Equipment, CSA wouldn't have been possible," he said.

From a customer standpoint, a unique trend Hall noted in Montreal was that contractors will purchase aerial lifts outright if they can be used on multiple construction projects. With the acquisition of 100 XDrive units, she said that there is an opportunity for Certified Equipment to offer retail sales of these machines to customers who prefer to purchase rather than rent.

Since 1984, Certified Equipment Sales Services and Rental Ltd. has provided commercial, industrial, residential, construction, and maintenance contractors with aerial work platforms and telehandlers. Owner Danny Corbo started in the business servicing equipment but quickly expanded to purchasing and renting machines to the Canadian marketplace. Today, the company owns 1,000 aerial work platforms and telehandlers, and it provides service, sales, training, and rental.

Maintaining and servicing equipment continues to be a centerpoint for the company. Danny Corbo says: ”Service has always been the backbone of the rental industry. The customer satisfaction not only comes from the piece of equipment that you provide but from the on-time delivery, to the training, to the 24-hour response team, to relationship with our top notch staff. Our business model is; It’s not just service, it's the level and quality of service that makes us different from anyone else in the business."

Hall said that as the Canadian rental market continues to thrive, she is excited for the relationship with Orange Machine to grow. She believes that it is a good partnership based off of shared industry knowledge and similar business models that each company carries.


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