Cervis Introduces Electronic Control Unit for Mobile Equipment

Warrendale, Pa.-based Cervis recently announced that it will partner with Vienna, Austria-based TTControl for TTTech Off-Highway focusing on the mobile equipment markets. Cervis will engineer standalone applications with TTControl electronic control units (ECUs) and Vision systems, as well as complement the controls with wireless solutions, offering OEMs complete wireless and electronic control solutions.

TTControl's flagship product is the TTC-200, a freely programmable, general-purpose electronic control unit for off-highway vehicles. It was designed from the outset to meet the requirements of safety-critical applications with SIL Level 3 safety ratings achievable.

The TTC-200 contains an independent watchdog CPU that communicates with the main CPU. The watchdog CPU operates redundantly, monitoring activities, detecting faults, and shifting the vehicle to a safe state in case of failure. Both CPUs monitor each other and the watchdog CPU is able to switch off the power supply in order to stop safety-critical applications.

The TTControl products • the TTC 200 and 100 • have applications on cranes, telehandlers and aerial work platforms, according to Christopher Whitlatch, Cervis marketing manager. High processing power enables complex calculations, such as for anti-tipping control, according to Whitlatch. Software is easy to upgrade because of the CoDeSys platform. The company also said the product is highly reliable. The product also helps with safety • predefined safe state of the machine can be reached very quickly and a watchdog co-processor constantly monitor's the ECU's main CPU so that CPU errors can have no detrimental effect.

Cervis provides customers with safe, reliable industrial grade machine control systems in the industrial and off-highway mobile equipment markets. Specializing in wireless and embedded logic controllers, Cervis has the ability to provide dynamic machine control solutions to original equipment manufacturers. Cervis designs and manufactures wireless and custom electronic controls. For more information, visit www.cervisinc.com.