CHMDS Announces Forklift Rally Winners

With an estimated 500 people in attendance on May 1st, the Canadian Materials Handling & Distribution Society (CMHDS) marked its "biggest and best Forklift Rally so far." Prize winners were announce immediately following the event:

Reach Truck Division: 1st place, Angelo Balatsas (Toyota Canada); 2nd place, Rui Paiva (Manpower); 3rd place, Brian Devereaux (Wallace & Carey).

Counterbalance (Electric): 1st place, John Jepsen (Kodak); 2nd place, Will Anderson (VersaCold – Cliveden); 3rd place, Andy Ibbotson (VersaCold – Cascade).

Power Pallet Jack: 1st place, Dean Lariviere (VersaCold – Cliveden); 2nd place, Chris Bronson (VersaCold – Cliveden); 3rd place, Brian Potter (Gordon Food Service).

Counterbalance (Propane): 1st place, Steve Johnson (Lion’s Gate Fisheries); 2nd place, Curtis Yew (Lion’s Gate Fisheries); 3rd – Lou Chevrier (Absorbant Products).


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