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CIC Receives Preliminary Application Approval from ANSI | Daily Construction News

Crane Institute Certification (CIC) received preliminary application appoval from the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) in June 2012 and was recently listed on ANSI’s Accreditation Services directory as having “Public Preliminary” status. ANSI defines the preliminary approval as recognition that CIC is a legal entity and that CIC has filed intent to pursue ANSI accreditation. This step in the process includes payment of required fees, submission of necessary documentation and description of the certification programs for which CIC will apply to ANSI for accreditation.

While CIC has been fully accredited by NCCA (National Commission for Certifying Agencies) since 2008, the pursuit of ANSI accreditation is a new work in progress. CIC plans to submit the complete application for ANSI accreditation in 2013. As with CIC's existing NCCA accredited certifications, CIC will structure its new certification programs, when complete, by type and capacity. However, to be clear, CIC is not yet ANSI accredited; that is a work in progress not yet completed. CIC is nationally accredited by NCCA. OSHA requires that crane operator certification bodies be accredited by a third-party, such as ANSI or NCCA. CIC’s mobile crane operator and rigger and signalperson certifications have been previously accredited by NCCA. Both NCCA and ANSI are independent credentialing organizations with different requirements.

“CIC Is seeking additional accreditation from ANSI because our industry is very familiar with and respects ANSI.” said Debbie Dickinson, executive director of CIC.

ANSI accreditation in accordance with the ANSI/ISO/IEC 17024 Standard involves a site visit to ensure compliance with the requirements and to verify documentation submitted prior to the on-site visit. ANSI and NCCA accreditation are recognized as the highest standards in personnel certification accreditation.

“Achieving ANSI accreditation lends credibility to the certification organization and is an indication of the quality and viability of the organization,” said Paul Zorich, vice president of the CIC governing committee and owner of RZP International, who served more than 20 years as the chairman of the ASME B30 committee, added: “ANSI is held in great esteem by professionals working in the crane industry.”


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