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CICB, Bishop Lifting Products Host CCO Rigger/Signalperson Workshop

The Crane Inspection and Certification Bureau (CICB), Orlando, Fla., and Bishop Lifting Products hosted the first combined training workshops for CCO Practical Examiners for Signalperson Certification and Rigger Certification June 28-July 2. The event, which trained CCO-certified signal persons and riggers to administer the practical exams developed by the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO), took place at BLP’s Houston, Texas, facility.

Demand was so high for the Rigger Practical Examiner training that NCCCO ran two workshops back to back. A total of 20 examiner candidates participated.

“We were delighted to host these workshops for NCCCO,” said John Hellums, Bishop Lifting Products. “We’ve been participating on the CCO taskforce committee from the beginning, and we’re proud to see things moving forward.”
“It’s a tremendous testimony to the impact of these new CCO certification programs on crane safety that these workshops generated such a response,” said Craig Epperson, CICB. “There is clearly a nationwide recognition that the time has come for independent assessment through professional certification of all those engaged in crane-related activities.”

The group included experienced mobile, tower, and overhead practical examiners as well as those new to the CCO practical examination process. All newly qualified rigger practical examiners are subject to audit, and all have either been audited or are in the process.

The workshops bring the number of CCO practical examiners for the signal person and rigger programs to more than 200. More than a dozen are in the planning stages, while inquiries from companies interested in hosting workshops continue to be received.

“It’s unfortunate that so many incidents that are labeled ‘crane’ accidents are, in reality, rigging accidents,” said Don Jordan, NCCCO Rigger Taskforce chairman and lifting technical authority for BP America, Houston. “It makes perfect sense from a risk management perspective to ensure all those involved in lifting operations—not just the crane operator—are qualified.”

“CCO certification has been proven to save lives, and we have every expectation that Rigger Certification and Signalperson Certification will have the same effect,” Jordan said.




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