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ClearCap Forklift Covers Enhance Comfort and Maintain Visibility

Wy’East Products, Portland, Ore., first introduced the ClearCap line of engineered forklift covers in 1999, which were designed to address the issues company founder Steve Puls encountered with universal flexible covers and cab enclosures. Ten years later, Wy’East has developed 20 different ClearCap models to meet the needs of virtually all forklifts.

The basic concept of the ClearCap is to keep the operator dry and comfortable while providing outstanding visibility and safety. ClearCaps eliminate the unsafe use of plywood, shrink wrap, and cardboard. The ClearCap cover design features molded UV-resistant polycarbonate that has a low profile dome in the viewing area along with ribs and gutters. This keeps water from pooling and blurring the operator’s vision and eliminates cascading water during maneuvers.

ClearCap covers are also offered in a light tint for those working outside in bright sunlight. The units mount simply with cam lock buckles and nylon straps instead of rubber grommets and nylon zip ties. There is no drilling or tapping required, and installation takes only seconds.


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