Comatrol Updates VCB Counterbalance Valves, Expands High-Pressure Portfolio

Comatrol has updated its portfolio of counterbalance valves. These updates include the reintroduction of the VCB product line, which has the unique feature of piloting on port 1 (nose of the valve), allowing for a slimmer dual counterbalance design. Additionally, Comatrol is releasing an updated 20 size counterbalance valve, the CB20-HV, capable of 266 LPM (70 US gal/min). Pre-engineered dual-counterbalance HICs of each valve are also being introduced for the first time with this launch.

The VCB counterbalance product line includes four valves: VCB06-EN (hydraulic vent, 06 size metric, 60 LPM [16 US gpm]), VCB06-CN (atmospheric vent, 06 size metric, 60 LPM [16 US gpm]), VCB12-EN (hydraulic vent, 12 size metric, 140 LPM [37 US gpm]) and VCB12-CN (atmospheric vent, 12 size metric, 140 LPM [37 US gpm]). Each of these VCB products has the distinct function of piloting on port 1, at the nose of the valve. This is in contrast to most counterbalance valves in the market that pilot on port 3, which is located closer to the thread. Compared to the pilot at port 3 design, the VCB’s pilot at port 1 eliminates the need for cross- drilling when creating a dual counterbalance system in an HIC. Each of the VCBs is rated at 350 bar (5075 psi).

The new VCB-DL dual counterbalance, pre-engineered catalog HICs include the VCB06-EN-DL (hydraulic vent, 06 size metric), VCB06-CN-DL (atmospheric vent, 06 size metric), VCB12-EN-DL (hydraulic vent, 12 size metric) and VCB12-CN-DL (atmospheric vent, 12 size metric). In addition to decreasing design and machining time, the dual-counterbalance HIC allows for all four ports to be on one plane, making hydraulic piping connections easier for mounting on or near a cylinder.

Comatrol’s updated 20 size counterbalance valve, the CB20-HV, is Comatrol’s largest counterbalance valve and is a hydraulically vented cartridge capable of 266 LPM (70 US gal/min). The CB20-HV provides high flow capacity for those applications needing controlled load-holding for large cylinders and motors. The DCB20-HV is the new 20-size pre-engineered dual counterbalance HIC, available in both aluminum and steel bodies. The CB20-HV and DCB20-HV are rated at 350 bar (5075 psi).

Comatrol’s counterbalance portfolio now includes nine cartridge valves with a flow range extending from 20 LPM (5 US gpm) to 266 LPM (70 US gal/min) at 22 bar (319 psi) pressure drop. Each valve is capable of 350 bar (5075 psi) and now available in pre-engineered dual counterbalance HICs. Multiple pressure settings and pilot ratios are available to match the right valve and settings to specific circuit requirements. Comatrol counterbalance valves incorporate a high power to weight density, maximizing performance in a small space claim.

The company also has introduced the HSV high-pressure solenoid valve platform and HFCV10-RT high-pressure flow control. These developments are a continuation of Comatrol’s “Rhythm of Innovation,” with its strong focus on high-pressure development around standard NFPA cavities.

“Over a year ago, we polled our customers to find out what they wanted for high-pressure solenoid valves and they told us high flow, low pressure drop, high shift reliability, environmentally robust coils − all with common cavities regardless of pressure rating,” said Darren Magner, Director Marketing & Product Development. “Our new HSV platform of solenoid valves gives our customers what they want, with a choice of 18 new two-way valves to choose from to best fit the application need.”

“Additional high-pressure products − including three-way, four-way and double-blocking 10-size solenoid valves and numerous mechanical cartridge valves − will be introduced throughout 2013,” Magner continues. “The new platform of product will create a strong portfolio of 350 bar cartridge valves to fulfill market demand for higher pressure applications.”

The HSV product line was specifically designed around standard NFPA cavities. Some competitive products require either non-NFPA cavities or a modified tool between standard and high-pressure. No tooling change is needed between standard (210 bar) and high pressure (350 bar) cavities to machine ports in the manifold, minimizing the number of tools to carry.

The new designs were optimized for high flow capacity, providing market-leading flow on many of the valves. Specifically, the HSV10-22 spool-type valves provide over 50% higher flow than comparable competitors.

This new high-pressure solenoid valve product introduction includes two-way poppet (HSVP) and spool (HSV) designs. All the new valves are available in both normally open and normally closed schematics, while the HSVP includes the reverse free-flow option. These valves are rated for pressures up to 350 bar (5075 psi) and have been qualified to the rigorous standards of NFPA T2.6.1. A range of four standard cavity sizes are available – 10-size spool and 10-, 12-, 16- and 20-size cavity poppet designs, summing to a total of eighteen (18) new valves. Flows range from 54 LPM to 190 LPM (14.3 to 50 US gal/min) at 7 bar pressure drop.


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