Combilift Announces New Model at Anniversary Celebration

In conjunction with its 10th anniversary, Combilift hosted more than 100 international journalists and customers at an open house at its company headquarters in Monaghan, Ireland, in early September to present the worldwide launch of its new model Combi-CD multidirectional forklift.

In addition to a press conference where Martin McVicar, managing director of the company, introduced the new product, guests had the opportunity to tour the company's manufacturing facility where the multidirectional forklifts are built and to see its latest 20,000 square foot building expansion that will provide additional manufacturing space.

The company provided an opportunity to see the product in action with visits to two local users. Leonard Engineering, a steel fabricator, uses the Combilift to handle sheet metal and long lengths of raw material and fabricated pieces. Maurice Graham Builders' Providers stocks a wide range of palletized material including cement, packs of insulated board and panel products along with longer building products including pipes and lumber and uses the Combilift to move these products in and out of its warehouse.

The finals of the UK Combilift Driver of the Year were also held during the open house. Drivers demonstrated their ability to control and maneuver a C4000 Combilift on a 30-minute that provided challenges including navigating a figure eight course, picking up and maneuvering a long load in a very tight aisle, completing activities in a specified time, and placing a pallet within a designated boundary.


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