Combilift Introduces LPG Stand-On Sideloader

At ProMat2009, Combilift, Greensboro, N.C., presented the North American premiere of its C6000GST multi-directional stand-on sideloader available in LPG (GST)/Diesel (DST)/Electric (EST), designed for flexible indoor and outdoor operation, available in 6,000 pound lift capacity. The Combilift GT sideloader range has been on the market for 5 years now and with the addition of the ST, this new ST model takes the narrow aisle concept to a multi-directional twist.

Combilift is a combination of a highly maneuverable lift truck and side-loader that provides safer product handling and increased productivity for a wide range of industries, adding the versatility of both indoor and outdoor use. With a wide variety of lift capacities, mast heights, platform dimensions and range of attachments, the Combilift is designed to provide a truly customized handling solution for its customers.

“Since our inception, we have offered a customized range to suit various individual requirements across a range of industry sectors,” said Martin McVicar, founder and chief executive officer of the company. “This customer-led approach has been a strong component of our success and has been setting us apart from mainstream manufacturers since the launch of our first truck in 1998. The unique offering of the Combilift can bring increased maneuverability and space savings to nearly any business that involves the transportation of long loads.”

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