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Composite Advantage Adds to FiberRigg Crane Pad Line

Composite Advantage Adds to FiberRigg Crane Pad Line

Composite Advantage LLC (CA), Dayton, Ohio, has expanded its line of standard FiberRigg composite crane outrigger pads to include three new products.  The new fiber composite crane outrigger pad additions—StrongHOLD, LargeLOAD, and BIOperform—have been developed in response to customer needs and market demands. Manufactured with continuous glass fibers for maximum strength and stiffness, each of the products shares the key performance attributes of composites including chemical and water resistance, a unique non-slip wear surface and the capacity to span softer areas while supporting high concentrated loads.


StrongHOLD has been designed with twice the thickness of the FiberRigg standard crane pads to give contractors the solid foundation they need when setting up on shifting soil or poorly compacted ground. Ranging in size from 36 to 48 inches, StrongHOLD crane pads are suited to higher loads and larger float sizes.


LargeLOAD crane pads are based on the technology Composite Advantage used to design and build light-weight, high-strength composite mats for oil exploration. LargeLOAD pads were produced in response to customer requests for a crane pad that could support heavier loads requiring large footprints on variable soil conditions. The pad size is up to 7 feet, yet weighs only 12 pounds per square foot, and still supports up to 86,000 pounds per square foot. 


BIOperform pads meet the growing need for environmentally friendly products that don’t sacrifice performance. The green pads are produced with a resin formula made from soy and corn while providing the same performance as the standard FiberRigg pads. BIOperform is offered in standard sizes, but also can be tailored to individual customer needs.


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