Connector System Designed for Easy Installation, Harsh Environments

Cary, N.C.-based MTS Systems Corp.'s Sensors division has integrated its M12 integrated connector system with its smallest mobile hydraulic sensor. The M12 integrated connector system can be flush-mounted on the side of cylinders containing the Temposonics Model MS linear-position sensor.

“The combination of these two products provides our customers with a sensor that is smaller and more compact as well as easier to install,” said Brian Cox, technical marketing manager for MTS Sensors. “No more pins to crimp on ends of wires, no more loose connector pins, no more wires to solder, and no chance of mis-wiring the connector for the cylinder manufacturers.”

This connector design, based on an industry standard M12 interface, allows for a small contact carrier insert to be pre-assembled to the Temposonics M-Series sensor at the factory. The insert has all of the pins pre-inserted and maintains their proper orientation. The insert is small enough to fit through the cylinder and can be joined with the outer metal housing after it has been pulled through the sensor wire opening on the cylinder. Once the contact carrier insert is fed through the cylinder it is snapped into place in the outer housing and then the entire assembly is mounted to the exterior of the cylinder with four hex screws.

The MS sensor is an absolute, non-contact linear-position sensor in a compact 28-mm design. With 100g shock and 15g vibration rating, the MS sensor was designed for harsh environments, especially those typically encountered in construction, agriculture, and other off-highway machinery. Along with high shock and vibration ratings, the sensor has 100V/m EMI protection. The MS sensor provides a measuring range of 2 to 78 inches.

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