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Corrosion Protection Options Available from GEDA

Corrosion Protection Options Available from GEDA
Construction hoists are often exposed to wind and weather all year round. Wet and cold weather, snow, and frost all require effective corrosion protection in order to maintain the functionality and operating life of the device. Every component is different and must be protected accordingly from environmental influences. To overcome these environmental challenges, GEDA reports it is now focusing more on corrosion protection. In addition to protecting against corrosion, new processes will maintain the functionality of components and extend the operating life, safeguard the operation of the hoist, and ensures its value is maintained.
GEDA´s experience from the offshore sector has shown that hot dip galvanization of all components is not always the best solution. Going forward, a wide range of production techniques and coating processes - depending on the particular component - will be used, ensuring perfect fitting for each individual component. Powder coatings have their own individual color scheme for an attractive design.

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