Crosby Adds Sling Connector to Accessory Lineup

The Crosby Group, Tulsa, Okla., recently added the S-237 High Performance Sling Connector to its Sling Saver line of accessories for web slings, round slings and high-performance slings. The S-237 Connector allows easy connection to master links or eye hooks, and is ideal for bridles.

Like other accessories in the Sling Saver product line, it features increased radius of bow to give a wider sling bearing surface, resulting in an increased area for load distribution. Benefits include increasing synthetic sling efficiency compared to master links, shackle bows and conventional eye hooks. This allows 100 percent of the sling's rated working load limit to be achieved. It also allows for better load distribution on internal fibers.

The S-237 Connector is available in 5/8” to 1-1/4” sizes, with the largest having a working load limit of up to 75,000 pounds. For complete information on the Sling Saver product line, go