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Crown Introduces V-Force Battery Charging System

Crown Equipment Corp., New Bremen, Ohio, announced its new V-Force brand of V-SCR battery chargers, a silicon-controlled rectifier battery charger that delivers reliable, controlled power to industrial batteries. The V-Force charger delivers the versatility to work with any industrial battery and provides safe battery charging.

The V-SCR charger uses a constant current-constant voltage-constant current charge profile to reduce the amount of heat generated during charging, to minimize heat-related battery damage. Charge termination is determined by the change in voltage over time, preventing over and undercharging. This termination mode also forces all acid from the battery plates, which reduces corrosion. In addition, the V-SCR charger includes an AC failure recovery option that eliminates the need to restart the charging process if AC power is interrupted.

The start rate is 20 percent less than typical Ferro chargers, according to the company, reducing peak demand, and includes a start-delay timer to enable charging to occur when off-peak electricity rates are in effect. The rugged design and lack of moving parts lower maintenance costs, and the 10-year limited warranty ensures peace of mind.

For safety, the V-SCR charger features a five-second delay at start. The entire exterior of the cabinet is grounded. Protective timers monitor each stage of the charging cycle to prevent overcharging. The system display includes lights to indicate when the battery is charging, when charging is 80 percent complete, when charging is complete, when equalized charging is selected, if a fault has occurred and when the start delay timer is activated. The display also includes an ammeter to measure and display current during each stage of the charging process.


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