CTE Lift Modified to Meet North American Standards

The Rovereto, Italy-based CTE S.p.a. CS 135E spider, marketed for the first time last year, is now being introduced to the North American market. CTE is modifying the unit according to ANSI standards, as it previously met European EN 280 standards. With a working height of almost 43 feet, the CS 135E has a capacity of 440 pounds and a working radius of almost 22 feet. Walk-on platform height is 36 feet.

The compact, easily transportable CS 135E spider is able to operate in difficult conditions and stabilizes in 9.1 feet, the company said. Agile in getting over height differences, the CS 135E was designed to meet the needs of builders and construction electricians, according to the company.

The spider includes an advanced system with four oleo-dynamic positioning stabilizers equipped with ground contact sensors. The CS 135E spider can overcome 31 percent slopes and has a maximum traction speed of almost 1 mph. It can be driven and steered from the ground by remote control.

All cables and pipes inside the arm thus avoiding entangling and breakage, an improvement over previous versions. Its ground control panel with spiral cable means the machine can be loaded on ramp vehicles easily, allowing the operator to move out of the handling area.

Besides series improvements, CTE offers a new range of options: single, proportional controls on the platform; sound-proofed Bombardini diesel, better performing than the Hatz model; stabilizer plates complete with support; single stabilizer indicator panel; and stairs on the platform, ideal for climbing up from difficult ground.

The semi-movable, tracked platform range also includes version CS 170 with a working height of up to more than 55 feet.

For more information, visit www.ctelift.com.