Curtiss-Wright Develops Joystick for Aerial Work Platforms | Construction News

Curtiss-Wright Develops Joystick for Aerial Work Platforms | Construction News

Curtiss-Wright’s Industrial division has announced the launch of the JC4000, a joystick designed specifically for aerial work platforms. The joystick base and accompanying range of grips from the Industrial division’s Penny & Giles brand family provide options for single- or dual-axis operation, making it suitable for scissors and boom lifts. Three dual-axis gates are available – round, square, or plus – while the ergonomically designed grip offers the choice of one or two top switches, as well as a person-present lever, meaning the unit can be used across a wide variety of machines. These configuration options are designed to offer an optimal combination of performance and cost.

The JC4000 uses a long-life bearing system and non-contacting, Hall-effect sensing technology to achieve a lifespan of more than 6 million operating cycles. It is powered from a 5 VDC supply voltage and offers analog output options of 0.5-4.5V or 1.0-4.0V.

Other key features of the JC4000 include load performance of 50Nm horizontal, 1100N vertical and 6Nm rotational; dual outputs on each axis; center-reference signal; under- or above-panel mounting; enclosure sealing to IP67; EMC performance to 100V/m' and MTTFd > 100 years.

Kevin Rayment, senior vice president and general manager of the Industrial division, said: “The way we approached the development of the JC4000 was different from previous products. We focused the specification on a particular industry and its applications, thereby ensuring we achieved an attractive combination of performance and price.”


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