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Custom Equipment Rolls Out Three New Push-Around Lifts at Rental Show | Powered Access

Custom Equipment Rolls Out Three New Push-Around Lifts at Rental Show | Powered Access

Custom Equipment, Richfield, Wis., rolled out three new Hy-Brid Lifts push-around models at the American Rental Association’s The Rental Show in Orlando, Fla.

The new push-around scissor lifts are the models HB-P527, HB-P827, and HB-P1027. The first number of each model designation indicates the lift’s maximum platform height in feet, and the second two numbers indicate its nominal width in inches. (The corresponding metric designations are the HB-P3.6, HB-P4.5, and HB-P5.0).

The HB-P527 has a maximum platform height of 5’3” and a maximum capacity of 333 lbs. The HB-P827 has a platform height of 8 ft. and a 500-lb. capacity. And the HB-P1027 has a platform height of 10 ft. and 500-lb. capacity. For easy entry, the minimum platform heights are 20.3 in. on the HB-P527, 25.3 in. on the HP-P827, and 27.8 in. on the HB-P1027.

All three models feature a 22” x 37” platform with a full swing gate and non-skid surface.  The two-hand controls require the operator to keep both hands inside the railings while raising and lowering the platform.  The platform railings are designed to permit a clear line of sight for someone pushing the unit.

Designed to be virtually maintenance free, all three of the new push-around lifts use a single AGM battery to power platform raising and lowering, and none requires greasing, oiling, or other lubrication. The Model HB-P527 even has an integrated hydraulic pump and stack cylinder, so there are no hydraulic hoses on the lift.

The scissor stacks on all three models have oversized pins to reduce sway and need no greasing.

All three lifts feature large, easy-rolling 8-in. diameter, non-marking wheels. The front wheels auto lock, and the rear wheels are total-lock casters. The HB-P527 measures 26.4” x 41”, has a stowed height of 63.6 in., and weighs just 575 lbs. The HB-P827 measures 27.6” x 43”, has a stowed height of 68.6 in., and weighs 773 lbs. And the HB-P1027 measures 27.6” x 43”, has a stowed height of 71.1 in., and weighs 871 lbs. All three feature 0°-turn capability. Maximum floor loadings for a fully loaded lift are 141.95 psf for the HB-P527, 190 psf for the HB-P827, and 204.1 psf for the HB-P1027.

Custom Equipment’s director of marketing, Justin Kissinger, said all three of the new push-around models offer customers solid working platforms that are stable, offer excellent capacity, have a good-sized working platform, and are easy to move and easy on floors.

Kissinger said that low-level access lifts offer an extra measure of safety for users if they are matched to a job properly. He gives the example that if a user chooses a 19-ft. scissor lift for work in a room that has a 12-ft. ceiling, there is a potential for the user to be injured by being trapped between the lift and the ceiling.

“If, however, the user chooses to use a 10-ft. lift in that same 12-ft. high room, he or she will still be able to reach the work, but since the lift can’t elevate to the ceiling height, there is much less chance of  being trapped.”

“It’s important to match the right lift to the job,” Kissinger says.

The ARA rollout of the three Hy-Brid Lifts push-around scissor lifts, came about a week after the 10th anniversary of Custom Equipment selling its first scissor lift. The company started in 1981, making scissor-type mausoleum lifts for the cemetery industry. In 2004, it expanded into making scissor lifts to  elevate people and materials in construction and maintenance applications. Those lifts have now been its core products for a decade.


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