Cyber-Tech Offers Customized Control Handle

Portland, Ore.-based Cyber-Tech has introduced the new industrial grade P-40 Handy-Grip control, incorporating the proprietary flex-core actuator, which eliminates the need for embossed membranes, springs and fasteners such as rivets, screws and other hardware that tend to fail in highly repetitive applications and/or harsh environments. The new P-40 Handy-Grip housing is a proprietary blend of industrial engineered polymer unaffected by harsh chemicals or UV rays.

The P-40 Handy-Grip offers the customer the benefit of one-stop shopping for a quality custom configured Handy-Grip Control. The customer can chose from a variety of push-buttons, rockers, toggles, Hall Effect and Proportional switch functions for right or left hand operation. Colored lamps, custom multi-color faceplate and/or pad printing, customer’s symbols and logos are available. Four trigger functions are available, from push/pull, proportional, single trigger and dead man lever functions. A wide selection of adaptors are available for any application.

Each custom-configured P-40 Handy-Grip is built to strict standards developed by Cyber-Tech and is shipped functionally tested and guaranteed to operate per the customer’s specifications. The P-40 Handy-Grip is supported with a one-year standard warranty and lifetime guarantee on the control grip housing.