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Dakota Shine Users Learn First-Hand That Shiny Machines Sell

It makes faded machinery look new. It's easy to apply and economical to use. It increases machinery value. And now, Dakota Shine is readily available through the JLG dealer network at JLG ServicePlus locations in Houston and Atlanta.

Dakota Shine, the biodegradable product that restores color and luster to many surface finishes including paint, decals and plastics, only costs about 20 percent of what a new paint job costs, according to the company. When applied properly, the machine's luster will last as long as the original paint. Users can also use OEM touch-up paint to cover bare metal or trouble spots just prior to applying Dakota Shine.

Jim Goodall of Jim Goodall Equipment Sales, a 35-year veteran of the construction business, sells used construction machinery on the internet and averages about 20 sales per month. A machine in his inventory, an older Gradall telehandler that lacked its original shine, just wouldn't sell. When Goodall learned of the Dakota Shine product from a JLG salesperson and that ServicePlus could apply the product to his machine, he figured he didn't have anything to lose, so he sent the machine to the ServicePlus facility in Houston. When he saw the telehandler after the Dakota Shine application, he was in disbelief. The ugly duckling telehandler had been transformed into a beautiful, shiny machine. He posted a photo of the now-shiny telehandler on the Internet and three hours later the telehandler was sold.

“When selling machinery on the Internet, appearance is everything,” Goodall said. “And JLG ServicePlus made this machine look new again.”

Max Hoskins of Hoskins Equipment, has been a JLG dealer and used equipment reseller in Orange, Calif., for more than 20 years. About a year ago, Hoskins ran across a magazine ad for Dakota Shine and ordered a starter kit out of curiosity. He claims the results were so startling that he hired a full-time person devoted solely to applying Dakota Shine to the used equipment he sells, which ranges from 30 to 40 pieces a month. Sometimes he even has to have other employees help out to keep up with the demand. “If the machine is in top mechanical condition and has a low number of hours on it but isn't shiny, it won't sell as fast as a machine that sparkles,” said Hoskins. He now orders Dakota Shine directly through JLG to receive the volume discount he gets when he combines his Dakota Shine orders with his normal parts orders.

Another savvy businessman using Dakota Shine is Justin Cyrnek, owner and president of Chicago Industrial Equipment in Rockdale, Ill. Cyrnek's father started the business in 1977 and he took over the helm in 1997. Cyrnek currently has seven full-time employees and all have applied Dakota Shine. “Dakota Shine is so easy to apply that a 10-year-old could do it,” said Cyrnek. Although he sells about 200 machines a month, about 90 percent are wholesaled. Of the 20 or so machines that he sells retail, almost every machine gets the Dakota Shine treatment before it is displayed. “If it shines, it sells,” he said. And since Cyrnek started using Dakota Shine several years ago, he has noticed that he gets about 15-percent more money for a machine treated with Dakota Shine than before he used it.

Through a recently introduced partnership between Dakota Ag Innovations and JLG Industries, Dakota Shine products can now be purchased through the worldwide-JLG dealer network and at JLG ServicePlus locations in Houston and Atlanta. JLG ServicePlus can also apply Dakota Shine to customer machines at its facilities. Dakota Shine can also be ordered by JLG customers through JLG's Online Express, an Internet product and parts information system for JLG customers that provides instant access to parts availability information and convenient automated ordering.


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