Dana Hybrid Drivetrain Decreases Fuel Consumption for Off-Highway Market

Dana Holding Corporation, Toledo, Ohio, introduced new hybrid drivetrain technology specifically engineered for off-highway vehicles at Intermat in Paris.

A concept transmission in the evaluation phase, the Spicer TE-15HX is an electric parallel hybrid featuring a dual power path transmission control system. This system continuously monitors operating conditions and selects the proper combination of diesel and electric power to optimize productivity while reducing fuel consumption, emissions, noise, and engine idling.

“Off-highway vehicles are the next frontier for hybrid technology, especially with the looming deadline for meeting Tier 4 emissions standards,” said Pietro Franzosi, vice president of sales and marketing for the Dana Off-Highway Products Group. “Purchasers of off-highway equipment will not sacrifice power and productivity for hybrid technology, which is why Dana has engineered the TE-15HX transmission to provide hybrid advantages at vehicle startup, acceleration, and idling while maintaining the output customers have always expected from a Spicer transmission.”

Whenever possible, the TE-15HX control system disengages the diesel engine and supplies power generated by super capacitors for inching and other vehicle operations that require low energy consumption. It also provides power for lights, climate control systems, and other electrical accessories.

For light loads, the diesel engine works alone to power the vehicle while the electric device serves as a generator to efficiently charge the super capacitors for later use. Vehicle braking is also an important source of regenerative energy for recharging the capacitors.

When additional tractive effort is required, the controller directs the electric device to function as a motor and provide a second source of power for added torque boost and faster take-off. Targeted for use on material handling vehicles, the electric parallel hybrid TE-15HX transmission capitalizes on the flexible modular design of the popular Spicer TE-15 electronically modulated transmission to coordinate the operation of the diesel engine and electric device.

The TE-15HX transmission incorporates high-contact-ratio spur gears in conjunction with helical gearing to reduce noise, while an electronic control system provides electronic clutch modulation (ECM), electronically controlled inching (ECI), safety inhibit protection, diagnostics, and compatibility with CAN 2.0B protocols.

The fully electronically modulated TE-15HX transmission and accompanying control modules will enable OEMs to equip their vehicles with optional safety inhibits, diagnostics, system monitoring, load- and speed-compensated automatic shifting, shift overlap control, single pedal drive, and automatic throttle up. These features will improve ease of use and enable safer and faster vehicle operation, especially in confined areas where large loads need to be maneuvered carefully.

Dana is evaluating three-speed and four-speed versions of the TE-15HX transmission in long-drop and short-drop configurations with an estimated rating of 147 to 235 hp (110 kW to 175 kW).