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Davis Crane Buys Five 40-Ton Terex Truck Cranes | Construction News

Davis Crane Buys Five 40-Ton Terex Truck Cranes | Construction News

Davis Motor Crane Service, Irving, Texas, has purchased five 40-ton capacity Terex 340-1 truck cranes.

Raymond and Robert Davis started Davis Motor Crane Service more than 50 years ago with only two cranes and a passion to provide value and service to customers. At the Terex outdoor gold lot booth during CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2014 in Las Vegas, NV., Raymond Davis placed an order for two-and-a-half times the company’s original fleet size by purchasing five new Terex T 340-1 hydraulic truck cranes.

“We are upgrading our fleet of 35-ton truck cranes,” says Keith McKee, general manager for Davis Crane. “Terex is the only manufacturer that still offers a truck crane in the 40-ton class at a price that is competitive.”

Besides giving Davis Crane the opportunity to offer its customers a truck crane at an affordable hourly rental rate, the versatile Terex T 340-1 crane offers a combination of compact size and high lifting capacities.

With its short 35.5-ft. length and a narrow 8-ft. driving width, the T 340-1 truck crane nimbly navigates congested city streets, and can travel at up to 60 mph on the highway. Its 34-ft. turning radius lets the operator maneuver into tight spaces on job sites. The crane carries its full 11,000-lb counterweight and jib without the need for a second truck or operator.

Its telescopic boom extends to 94 ft. and has a 147-ft. maximum tip height, allowing Davis Crane to use it multi-story projects on downtown job sites. “It’s small enough to get into close quarters, yet the T 340-1 truck crane still gives us the capacity not offered by all- terrain model cranes of the same class,” adds McKee. “We can provide a 40-ton class truck crane without going to a boom truck. The construction industry still looks at a truck crane as superior to a boom truck, even if they are both rated at the same capacity.”

The five T 340-1 truck crane deal represents the largest single Terex crane order of one model throughout the 40-year relationship between Terex, Davis Crane, and Scott-Macon Equipment, a Terex Crane distributor. “Davis Crane has been a very loyal Terex customer over the years,” says Jim Strobush, regional business manager for Terex Cranes. “We recently delivered the first crane for this order, and we are on schedule to deliver the rest per the customer’s schedule.”

From its small beginning with two cranes and one location more than 50 years ago, Davis Crane has grown into one of northern Texas' largest lifting companies. Today, the family-owned company has grown into five different crane service companies – Davis Motor Crane Service and Crocker Crane Service (Irving, Texas), McIntire Equipment Company and Metroplex Rig Movers (Fort Worth, Texas), and Scharff Crane Service (Sherman, Texas) – with a total of 140 cranes and 161 trucks.

“Terex and Scott-Macon Equipment have been a big part of the expansion of our crane fleet,” concludes McKee. “We have been really pleased with our relationship with Jim Strobush at Terex and Alan and Anita Woodruff, Robert Woodruff, and Mike Pentry of Scott-Macon Equipment. This successful relationship was forged by our longtime relationship with Danny Eastep (with Scott-Macon Equipment), who has been calling on us for over 40 years and offers a wealth of expertise in crane rental and sales.”


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