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Davis Instruments Launches CarChip Connect Telematics Systems

Davis Instruments, Hayward, Calif., announces CarChip Connect, a real-time GPS telematics device for small businesses. CarChip Connect provides intelligent telematics and powerful web analytics to help small businesses improve driver safety and their bottom lines.

"The use of the CarChip devices has helped us decrease our insurance costs by over $1 million, lowered the number of accidents, improved driver performance and safety, and improved maintenance efficiency," said Rita Guitron, business services manager at First Alarm. "As a leader in the security business, we feel these devices have enhanced the safety of our employees and the quality of service we provide to our customers."

Equipped with an onboard accelerometer and backup battery, CarChip Connect is an OBD II-based telematics devices that stores driving parameters and geo-fences on the device. The mini-computer design provides businesses managers responsible for more than one vehicle with more immediate safety and location data, real-time alerts, and tamper notifications. It also stores trip data when a vehicle is out of coverage. CarChip Connect's audible alarm gives drivers real-time feedback on their driving behavior, promoting safer driving.

CarChip Connect's website offers valuable information to managers and drivers. Each company's home page provides managers a quick, comprehensive view of their vehicles, featuring a map, alerts, emission readiness and fleet summary panes. Supported by Davis' web-based reporting, data is combined into a single company score, providing color-coded at-a-glance information on how the vehicles are performing. Drivers can view their individual scores and see how they are performing relative to the company as a whole. Additional reports hone in on driver safety, efficiency, location and vehicle maintenance. Reports can be customized for each group of vehicles or location, focusing on specific areas of interest to a small business.


CarChip Connect offers three bottom-line benefits:

Safety - Small businesses and fleet managers can prevent accidents by identifying bad driving habits. Incorporating CarChip Connect into a vehicle safety program improves driver performance and decreases accident risk. Fewer accidents can lead to lower insurance premiums and lower repair costs. CarChip Connect's audible alarm alerts drivers in real-time that they are speeding, hard braking, cornering or exceeding other company set parameters.

Savings - CarChip Connect's web reports identify inefficiencies such as idle time and aggressive driving. Identifying and reducing idle time saves approximately one gallon of gas for each hour of idle time eliminated. Emissions reports and alerts encourage timely vehicle maintenance, reducing wear and tear on vehicles and keeping them on the road longer.

Simplicity - No tools needed. Easy to install and reallocate when vehicles rotate out of the fleet. CarChip Connect plugs into the OBD II port in about 20 seconds and starts transmitting data immediately


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