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Delta-Q Develops Drop-In Battery Charger | Construction News

Delta-Q Develops Drop-In Battery Charger | Construction News

Delta-Q Technologies has developed a version of its IC650 battery charger configured as a drop-in replacement for Skyjack and Genie scissor lifts.

The sealed IC650 can tolerate vibration, shock, dirt,and fluids, which equates to higher machine readiness, lower charger replacement cost, and customer satisfaction with machine runtime. Each charger comes with cabling identical to the OEM charger and has a mounting adapter for easy installation. Delta-Q says prices for the drop-in IC650 compete with existing aftermarket options.

The company has also introduced its QuiQ 1500, a higher powered version of the QuiQ 1000 found in many electric vehicles and industrial machines.

The QuiQ 1500 allows users to charge existing battery packs up to 30% faster than the QuiQ
1000, or to equip machines with a bigger pack while meeting a five- or eight-hour charging time. For
fast replacement, the QuiQ 1500 has the same dimensions and mounting holes as the QuiQ 1000.

Delta-Q rolled out both new products at the American Rental Association's The Rental Show in late February.


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