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Delta Rigging & Tools Adds Load Testing Up to 3 Million Lbs. to Louisiana Facility | Construction News

Delta Rigging & Tools Inc. offers a solution to the Gulf Coast region’s high-capacity load testing needs. Strategically located at the InterMoor facility in Port of Fourchon, La., Delta Rigging & Tools offers load testing services – up to 3,000,000 lbs – to the oil and gas industry and grants customers access to a test bed within 200 yards of the port bulkhead. The testing facility operated by Delta Rigging & Tools provides load test options on a wide variety of products, including rope, rope slings, chains, and other rigging/mooring hardware.

In addition to the location, the 3,000,000 lb. test bed is completely computer controlled and monitored to improve the accuracy of the testing as well as reducing errors and maintaining safety. After the pull testing is complete, all result certifications are available online 24 hours a day.

Including the Port of Fourchon, which offers the highest pull-testing capacities within Delta Rigging & Tools, all of Delta's locations across the United States have the ability to satisfy local horizontal and vertical testing needs ranging from 20,000 to 700,000 lbs.

“To date most of Delta Rigging & Tools destructive and non-destructive testing has been focused on wire rope and lifting slings," said Tom Hudgins, VP of sales and marketing at Delta Rigging & Tools. "With the addition of the 3,000,000-lb. test bed, not only can we provide testing on larger capacity wire rope, synthetic rope, and lifting slings, but we can also offer testing for large capacity blocks, elevator links, risers and spreader beams.”


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