DICA Receives Canadian Patent on Outrigger Pads | Construction News


Outrigger pad manufacturer DICA, Guthrie Center, Iowa, recently added a fifth patent to its SafetyTech outrigger pad patent portfolio. 

The newest patent (2,860,490), issued in Canada July 12, 2016, is for C- or U-shaped TuffGrip handles used with any size or shape of SafetyTech outrigger pad.

“DICA’s SafetyTech products provide load distribution and ergonomic benefits to operators every day around the world. We’re happy to receive our most recent Canadian patent which reflects the innovation and engineering our team puts into every DICA product,” said Kris Koberg, CEO.

In addition to this newest Canadian patent, DICA also holds Canadian patent (2,821,073) and three U.S. patents (8,814,121; 9,254,821; and D686,794)  for the seating, insertion, and anchorage methods used for TuffGrip handles on various SafetyTech products. An additional U.S. patent is pending.

The TuffGrip handle system was introduced nearly five years ago to provide long-term durability for every element of DICA outrigger pad products, and to provide a highly beneficial ergonomic safety feature for operators who  handle SafetyTech products.

TuffGrip handles provide five key benefits:

Unbreakable strength that’s guaranteed
Comfortable to grip, lift, carry, or pull
Resistance to UV, hydraulic fluid, and road chemicals
Compactness and rigidity to reduce tripping hazards
Safety orange color as a reminder to use caution