Doe Run Co. Uses Elliott H60F HiReach in Underground Mining Application


Doe Run Co., St. Louis, Mo., partnered with Elliott, Omaha, Neb., to purchase two customized H60F HiReach aerial work platforms for an underground mining application. The H60FHiReach features a telescopic boom and a 65-foot working height, 48” by 96” oversized steel platform for two workers and their tools.

Doe Run deploys both aerial work platforms in an underground limestone mine where they operate on a regular basis. The 1,000-pound capacity steel platform allows the mining company to lift two workers, tools, and explosives up against the mine face to deploy charges and blast the mine face to retrieve minerals.

Pat Kelly Equipment, Elliott’s authorized dealer in Missouri, provided Doe Run with the aerial work platforms. The H60Fs included special options such as a full guard system over the truck cab to prevent damage from falling rocks and a specialized basket control box designed for rough mine conditions.