Donaldson Introduces Filtration, Hydraulic Technology

Minneapolis, Minn.-based Donaldson Company, a manufacturer of filtration systems and parts, introduced its PowerCore G2, the next generation of Donaldson PowerCore filtration technology. PowerCore G2 is designed with a 30-percent smaller footprint with the same straight-through airflow and high-density filtration system as the original PowerCore. Donaldson Engine Systems & Parts unveiled the new PowerCore G2 filtration technology at ConExpo last month.

PowerCore G2 can provide several performance options, including smaller size, lower pressure drop and longer filter life or a combination of the three, depending on customer under-hood space and performance requirements.

PowerCore G2 features panel, round and obround-shaped air intake systems that can be customized to meet a wide spectrum of performance, size, shape and space constraints. The system uses Donaldson's Ultra-Web Nanofiber Filtration technology, a proven filter media with more than 25 years in heavy-duty industrial air filtration applications. It's environmentally friendly with its compact, metal-free, cartridge-style design that traps contaminants inside the structure.

Donaldson also recently announced an agreement with Hach Ultra Analytics to distribute the HIAC Portable Oil Diagnostic System (PODS). The system was also introduced at ConExpo.

The portable diagnostic system measures, stores and reports oil condition parameters essential for reliable hydraulic systems operation. It provides immediate, on-site analysis of fluids and lubricants to determine the machine's operating condition and a real-time assessment of the oil under operating conditions. This instant analysis is as accurate and precise as traditional laboratory analysis, a process that normally takes weeks, according to the company.

The optics and design provide eight channels for particle counting, as well as measurement of viscosity and temperature to assess fluid conditions. The included PODSControl analysis software provides real-time data download and visualization, as well as data analysis, formatting and reporting.

The Donaldson HIAC PODS features a wide array of reporting formats, including ISO 4406, NAS 1638 and SAE AS 4059. The PODS can report to both the new MTD um(c) sizes (4/6/14) or to the previous ACFTD um sizes (2/5/15).

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