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Eartec Launches Hands-Free Wireless Device

The Eartec Company, Narragansett, R.I., introduces the PCx-1000 hands-free full duplex transceiver. The PCx-1000 is a double channel, multi-station, full duplex wireless device that allows up to eight people to communicate simultaneously within a quarter mile range.

The radios are not voice activated, so there is no delay when transmitting information. To operate, turn the units on and talk through the headsets like a telephone.

Eartec's PCx-1000 is ideal for industrial jobsites where personnel need to work with their hands and communicate via radio at the same time. An unlimited number of push-to-talk stations may be added.

PCx radios are engineered with spread spectrum, a unique frequency hopping architecture. In a spread spectrum format, all radios in a group occupy a specific frequency for a fraction of a second so the transmissions cannot be interrupted by any other wireless system. There is no base station or FCC license required.


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