Eaton Certifies Warranty Centers

Diversified industrial manufacturer Eaton Corporation, Eden Prairie, Minn., has certified the first 10 warranty centers under the Eaton Warranty Center Program. The program is designed to improve customer satisfaction by speeding warranty evaluation and repairs.

“Customers will be able to send qualifying Eaton, Vickers, and Char-Lynn products to a certified warranty center for warranty evaluation and repair rather than shipping it to the location that produced it,” said G. Paul Hagel, warranty center manager for Eaton’s Hydraulics Group. “Our goal is to streamline the warranty evaluation and repair process to minimize downtime and cost for our customers.”

In order to qualify as a certified warranty center, the distributor must:

  • Have adequate facilities including an area of at least 1,000 square feet dedicated to warranty evaluation and repairs;
  • Participate in a regularly scheduled calibration program for tools, transducers, gauges and other devices used to evaluate products;
  • Have test stands capable of 75 to 200 hp at 5,000 psi; and
  • Employ qualified technicians that have successfully completed Eaton’s Failure Analysis Course.

The first 10 centers are located in Minnesota, Florida, Alabama and Canada. The program’s goal is to have 50 to 60 centers operating in all 50 states and Canada.