Eaton Hydraulic Valve Gives Configuration Options for Mobile Applications

Diversified industrial manufacturer Eaton Corporation, Eden Prairie, Minn., has introduced a new modular hydraulic mobile sectional valve that offers absolute flexibility for a broad range of mobile applications. The CM120 valve combines proven modular design features with the ability to utilize Eaton’s Screw-In Cartridge Valve (SICV) technology to give customers a wide choice of configuration options.

Typical applications include compact and mid-size construction equipment including rough-terrain fork lifts, cranes, small utility loaders, truck-mounted booms, winches, and similar devices.

CM120 valves are an open center, parallel circuit architecture, and available in configurations with up to 10 operating sections. Rated flow is 32.7 gpm, and they are rated at 3,625 psi using the NFPA T.2.6.1 protocol, giving them a maximum pressure of 4,200 psi. The initial product line actuation options include both manual and hydraulically piloted actuated valves. Build kits are also available.

“The new CM120 valve is an excellent complement to our recent CM80 valve launched in 2008,” said Scott Tollefson, mobile valves product manager. “The combination of both frame sizes provides a powerful Eaton presence for the most popular flow ranges in the general open-center market place. In addition, the standard C-10-2 port cavities provide users with tremendous design flexibility.”

All of the CM valves are manufactured, assembled, and tested at the company’s plant in Searcy, Ark., and are supported by Eaton distributors nationwide. They have been tested according to NFPA protocol to more than 1 million cycles at 4,200 psi, which gives them an essentially infinite service life at the rated 3,625 psi operating pressure.


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