Electric Reach Trucks Offer Advantages over Pantograph Trucks

ETM/ETV 214/216 mast-moving AC reach trucks from Jungheinrich Lift Truck Corp., Richmond, Va., offer increased load capacity and lift height as a result of their design, which allows loads to be inserted and removed by moving their masts rather than extending or retracting their forks via a pantograph mechanism. The absence of a pantograph contributes to improved operator confidence and productivity, because the view afforded the operator through the mast and fork carriage is much better, and the fork tips are easier to see.

The ETVs differ from the ETMs in having more widely spaced outriggers. Both models offer a choice of mast tilt, but the wider ETV is also available with fork tilt above certain lift heights. In addition, both chassis are available with patented mast-reach cushioning, which means the reaching and retracting of the mast assembly is smooth and precise. Integrated side-shifters are a standard feature on the trucks.

The trucks differ from pantograph designs as the operator sits down to drive the vehicle. This configuration is ergonomically preferable in operations where the operator stays on the truck for long periods of time rather than constantly getting on and off, according to Greg Mason, general manager of products and training at the company. The operator compartment has a low entry height and the seat, armrest, and steering wheel are all adjustable. The trucks centrally-located Multi-Pilot control lever activates all hydraulic functions as well as travel direction and the horn. The controls are organized in a logical, highly visible manner, providing greater efficiency via the potential for simultaneous use of two hydraulic functions (e.g., lifting and reaching). The operator display is also centrally-positioned, and clearly shows both operational and safety-related data. It allows various travel programs to be selected or adjusted at the touch of a button.

Since the load wheels on these mast-moving reach trucks have a large diameter, they can negotiate rough floor surfaces better than those on most pantograph models. This means a longer tire life due to less wear and reduced potential for damage as well as a smoother ride. The Curve Control program on the ETM/ETV trucks automatically reduces travel speed when cornering for added stability.

For more information, visit http://www.jungheinrich-us.com.


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