Elephant Chain Block’s new YA Series Lever Hoist Gears Up for the U.S. Market


Joe and Bryan Davis, father-and-son operators of Elephant Lifting Products, LLC, Gonzales, La., introduce the newly developed YA series lever hoist, successor to Elephant Chain Block’s Bull Series, better known as the Minimite. The YA series comes standard with Elephant’s improved grade 105 corrosion-resistant load chain, upgraded lever hoist design, and re-engineered hoist hook. The load chain’s proprietary +V class grade 105 load chain has a tensile strength of 105 kgf/mm2, surpassing JIS grade V standards, according to product specifications. Its improved lever hoist design features a round-shaped lever, designed for smoother operation. The hoist series’ hook has been redesigned to allow for a wider opening, tip-supporting safety, and increased safety in the hook. 

The hooks not only bends slowly in the event of an overload, never breaking, but also has a safety factor of 5 times (0.8t ~ 1.6t models), along with the load chain and braking parts. The YA lever hoist also features a true one-touch free spooling mechanism. 

The original Minimite hoist was previously private labeled for WMH Tool Group’s JET line.