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Elliott Equipment Develops Aerial Lift Control System for Harsh Environments

Elliott Equipment Develops Aerial Lift Control System for Harsh Environments

Elliott Equipment Company, Omaha, Neb., has developed a full-hydraulic upper platform control package for its HiReach aerial work platform product line.  The full-hydraulic platform controls are designed to be spark and electronics free for special applications, including underground mining, high-corrosion environments, and harsh work environments like salt mining, as well as for users that require it as part of their standard work practice.


The full-hydraulic control system was developed with Elliott distributor Mirk Inc., and Aggregate Resources Inc., a drilling and blasting company. Aggregate Resources purchased an H50F HiReach with a 55-foot working height and an ANFO hose in an oversized cable carrier on the boom to allow workers to deliver Ammonium Nitrate Fuel Oil (ANFO) explosives from within the work platform. ANFO is a highly corrosive explosive chemical mix used in the mining process to fracture rock surfaces. The full hydraulic control console eliminates many components that can be damaged from coming in contact with ANFO or harsh conditions, reducing downtime and costly repairs.


The full-hydraulic upper platform control system will attract customers from mining, oil/gas, and utilities around the globe that need equipment that can lift personnel and survive harsh conditions.


The controls are fully proportional, intuitive, and accessible for easy service and maintenance. As a Solution based equipment manufacturer, Elliott Equipment Company is uniquely suited to serve the needs of end-users that require features not available elsewhere in the aerial work platform and crane manufacturing industry.


Along with full hydraulic controls, Elliott also offers a removable platform roof, plexi-glass control covers, tool lines to the platform including air, welding, ANFO, and pressure washers, and material handling capabilities, among other options.  To build a customized machine, companies can contact the Elliott distributor in their state or country and request a consultation with Elliott’s engineering and sales team.


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