Elliott Launches 36-Ton Boom Truck with 142-ft. Boom | Construction News


Elliott Equipment Company has released the new 36-USton model 36142 telescopic truck-mounted crane, whose 142-ft. boom is the longest in the class.

With the 5-section 142-ft. boom and optional 32 - 49 ft. two-section jib, the 36142 offers a maximum tip height of 201 ft.

The new model is designed to serve a range of customers, including the utility/transmission construction industry, which has ongoing needs for long-reach telescopic cranes on road-legal chassis that can be used for both material handling and working at height using a detachable work platform.

Key Features include:

  • 34 ft 9 in to 142-ft. Extended 5-Section Telescopic Main Boom
  • 36-Ton Lifting Rating at a 5-ft. Load Radius
  • Patented Standup Ride-Around Lower Control Console
  • Optional Open Seated Controls or Enclosed Crane Cab with Heater and Optional A/C
  • 9,060-lb. Single-Line-Pull Winch with 12,800-lb. Bare Drum Pull. Uses 9/16-in. Rotation-Resistant Steel Rope
  • Internally Wired Anti-Two-Block Cable
  • 21 ft 2 in Span Out-Down Outriggers with Full and Mid-Span Positions/Charts.
  • 600-lb. Capacity Yoke-Style Pin-On Work Platform with Hydraulic Leveling System (mounts on boom or jib)
  • USA Federal Bridge-Legal Final Weight on a Tridem-Axle Chassis for Convenient Rental and Transport Between Job Sites.